Borinquen Rodriguez March 30, 1948 - September 27, 2019

Borinquen Rodriguez, 71, of Hendersonville passed away on Friday, September 27, 2019.  We was born in Puerto Rico to the late Jose Rodriguez Rivera and Legia Aurelia Perez Rodriguez.

A member of the Catholic Church, he began his working life as a Jewelry designer in San Francisco, then he owned and operated several shoe stores around the Chicago area in the 70’s followed by being an amazing stay-at-home dad and homeschool teacher.  Rounding out his employment years he owned Black Bear Coffee Company in Hendersonville until 2014.

Borinquen was passionate about everything. He showed and felt joy more profoundly and in a more special way than most people. He loved music, dancing, parties, and animals. He loved  nature, and long drives to find new places to enjoy. He loved discovering beautiful places and people and STUFF, and sharing that joy with others. He was wise and funny and he wanted people to love each other, love the earth, and love themselves. He was selfish and endlessly giving. He was angry and sad, and full of joy and light. He could fix anything, sort of (mostly things were half broken but it made all his children very resourceful). He sold a million pairs of shoes, in Spanish. He designed jewelry for Chaka Khan and played music on the streets of San Francisco with Santana. He stood at the top of Chicago’s social scene for years until he fell in love, had 4 more children and spent the last years of his life, serving up the best damn latte in the south. He loved the way the lake at Kindy Forest looked, from his favorite chair, from his favorite balcony, from the road, from the dock, from the minivan as it careened down the path, past the mailboxes, and into his favorite parking spot.

Surviving him are both of his former wives; Mardene Evette Abarbanell and Stephani Theresa Eihl; five daughters, Jenine and Erica Abarbanel, Veronique Suzanne Rodriguez, Guinevere Aurelia and Josephine Celeste Rodriguez; one son, Sebastian Palmer Rodriguez; four grandchildren, William and Aurelia Torkington, Jose Nicolas and David Isaac Pappa; one siser, Carmen Aurelia Aigner; and one brother, Jose Robert Rodriguez

Services will be held at a later date.

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