Cremation with Family Celebration or Private Family Goodbye

$6,085.00 $4,870.00

Basic services of funeral director and staff
Sanitary Care
Other preparation of deceased (If private identification is chosen)
Memorial Service (If memorial service is chosen)
Transfer of deceased to the funeral home
Other automotive equipment
Standard cremation container
Crematory fee
Urn Allowance – $395
Memorial Package
Photo Collage
Obituary placed on our website
Complete and file required state forms
Obtain certified copies of the death certificate as needed

Select a cremation container *

Required for Cremation 1

Select an urn *

Required 2

Select an urn vault *

Select for burial of urn

Select number of certified copies of the death certificate *

Death Certificates are issued in the County where the death occurred.
$10.00 per copy

Additional Services

  1. Cremation requires placement of the body in a vessel that is inflexible and completely flammable.
  2. The state of North Carolina may require a Medical Examiner’s certificate before a cremation can be performed.